It’s well-known that restaurants are among the sectors that have been worst-hit by this outbreak and  

a lot of people have been asking us how we’re coping. 

We’re happy to reply personally to any questions you may have, but here are the answers to the most asked questions: 

How’s your health? Are you and your staff okay? 

We’re all fine. One colleague is strictly self-isolating due to potential exposure, but so far, no one who works at Muse has tested 

positive or shown any concerning symptoms.


Did you have to make any of the staff redundant?

Thankfully, no! Once it became clear that we would have to close, our first priority was to take action 

to secure their income and workplace.

We have already initiated “Kurzarbeitgeld” on their behalf. Assuming this works as publicly claimed, they remain employed 

at Muse, receiving 60% of their net salaries (67% for parents).

Additionally, our employees all know that in the case of serious financial hardship, they should contact us privately 

and we will do what we can to assist them.


What about your suppliers? Will you still pay their bills?

Yes, of course we will. It’s a tough situation for our suppliers as well.

We’re not able to order more products right now, but every invoice for products or services that have already been provided 

to Muse will certainly be paid in full. It’s unethical to do anything else.


Does Muse get any assistance to pay the rent, or other running costs?

We're been fortunate enough to receive governmental assistance under Corona Soforthilfe II. This will help us carry on for longer, even if we're forced to stay closed.


What about the health of your business, then?

For the moment, Muse is all right. The longer this goes on for, the tougher it will get, but we don’t anticipate serious financial 

problems for at least a few of months.


Why don’t you just move to takeaway / home delivery?

First deliveries and collections during week commencing 5th April! There may be some kinks as we get the service figured out, but we're going to give it a try.

We've had some worries that it’s not responsible to offer this service for Muse food - it's certainly delicious, but it’s not essential. Perhaps even contactless drop-offs or collections could increase exposure risk for both customers and staff - but current advice seems to be that it's safe to do so, as long as we're sure to maintain appropriate distance between colleagues / customers, etc.

It may be that we decide after doing this once that it's not the right thing to do for Muse, but let's try it out and see how we all get on.


What can I do to help you?

If you’re able to buy a voucher, that is a great way to give us financial assistance right now – that way we still have 

some money coming in to pay the bills.

You can buy our takeaway or home delivery, by pre-ordering online from 09:00 on 1st April.

And lastly, if you can’t afford to spend any money, taking a few moments to write an online review telling the world why you love Muse would be a delightful boost to our morale.


Do you have enough toilet paper?

Thank you, we are adequately stocked. Let us know if you need some!