It’s well-known that restaurants are among the sectors that have been worst-hit by this outbreak and  a lot of people have been asking us how we’re coping. 

We’re happy to reply personally to any questions you may have, but here are the answers to the most asked questions: 

How’s your health? Are you and your staff okay? 

We’re all fine. No one who works at Muse has tested positive or shown any concerning symptoms.


Did you have to make any of the staff redundant?

Thankfully, no! Once it became clear that we would have to close, our first priority was to take action to secure their income and workplace.

We initiated “Kurzarbeitgeld” on their behalf for the period when we were completely closed. Now we're ramping up for reopening, they're all coming back to work bit by bit to help us get set up. It's our hope and intention that we will ultimately bring everyone back to their full time employment.

Additionally, our employees all know that in the case of serious financial hardship, they should contact us privately and we will do what we can to assist them.


What about your suppliers? Did you still pay their bills after you closed?

Yes, of course we did. It’s a tough situation for our suppliers as well.

Every invoice for products or services to Muse has already been paid in full. It’s unethical to do anything else.


Did Muse get any financial assistance?

We've been fortunate enough to receive governmental assistance under Corona Soforthilfe II. This has given us the ability to pay our rent and most of our other fixed running costs during the period we had to be closed.


What about the health of your business?

It's become increasingly clear that Muse as it was is not a financially viable business model with the reduced number of seats and tables - even with takeaway and home delivery on top. This is why we've taken this time to pivot to a new business model, with additional wares on top of our standard food and drinks menu.


What can I do to help you?

If you’re able to buy a voucher, that is a great way to give us financial assistance right now – that way we still have some money coming in to help pay the bills right now, and you can look forward to spending it in the new Muse store / restaurant / deli.

If you can’t afford to spend any money right now, taking a few moments to write an online review telling the world why you love Muse would be a delightful boost to our morale.