Saturday 31Jan 19:30


Sweet Elephant

Italian Masterchef finalist Marika Elefante puts her motto "healthy food, tasty life" into practice for Muse. Delicious, organic and healthy food to sustain you even through a January diet.

Vegetable flan with turmeric cream, sprouts salad with pecorino

Cream of pumpkin and celery, marine meatball with aromatic rosemary oil

Risotto of red turnips and pink pepper, goats cream, lemon and spring onion

Porcini soup with miso and tagliatelle

Organic chicken with mustard chutney, sweet potatoes and sage

Hazelnuts with chocolate fondant cream, coffee and cocoa beans

Guest Chef

Marika Elefante


Marika Elefante

Marika Elefante, Healthy Chef, Neapolitan through and through is a firm believer in healthy food and has been passionate about cooking since she was a child.

Marika has absorbed the culinary traditions of her homeland and thanks to her mother’s passion for health-conscious cooking, she is always creating balance between healthy ingredients and intense flavors, a trade mark of Neapolitan cuisine.

She became a finalist in the Italian edition of the TV program “MasterChef“, where she further developed her skills and has subsequently become the author of “Magra!”, a book including more than 200 recipes of light-cooking. Marika makes use of her culinary skills through showcooking, workshops, cooking classes, dinners at home, events and private parties,together with  health coach and business partner Valentina Dolci, at SWEET ELEPHANT

per Person

Menu 49.00

Drinks 25.00


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