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Short Films by Simon Horrocks

Muse is proud to present the German premieres of short films 'You Have Been Chosen' and 'ReGen', introduced by British director Simon Horrocks and one of the actors, Zoe Cunningham.

Fiona is always agonising with indecision and isn't happy with her life. But after receiving an enigmatic invitation, she agrees to allow a mysterious app to determine her actions. 'You Have Been Chosen' touches on issues of responsibility and addiction - and will make you think about how independent any smartphone user really can be.

ReGen is the second episode of the scifi anthology series SILENT EYE by Simon Horrocks. Each episode is a self contained story (or short film). When a Bitcoin heist goes wrong and half the gang end up dead, the remaining members must use a disturbing method to recover the passphrase for the Bitcoin wallet.

We'll be screening the films, three times, at roughly 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30. Join us for an informal chat with Simon and Zoe afterwards.

Muse Special

Zoe Cunningham & Simon Horrocks


Zoe Cunningham Simon Horrocks

An audience with Zoe Cunningham, star of 2016 critically acclaimed short film "Symptoms" and 2018's "You Have Been Chosen" and Simon Horrocks, director of "You Have Been Chosen" and the "Silent Eye" series, of which "ReGen" is the second installment.

Join Zoe and Simon for an informal drink and ask them questions about their new films, which we'll be screening exclusively in Germany on 29th September.

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