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Giant seafood paella


Paella Wednesdays

From Malaga to Berlin

Every second Wednesday in the summer months, Fernando cooks a giant seafood paella.

Available to order alongside our regular al a carte menu.



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Fernando Ariza Molina


Fernando Ariza Molina

Fernando Ariza Molina was born in Malaga, Spain and has always been fascinated by food and cooking. As with many Spaniards, his mother was his earliest cookery teacher, and his earliest memory is of standing on a stool to be tall enough to stir the cookpot. Ever since then, he has been working with Spanish ingredients and techniques to amaze and please his family and friends.

He formally trained as a chef in Epulae, where he specialised in small plates and tapas and went on to refine his techniques in the fine-dining restaurant Refectorium El Campanario. After travelling around, and living and working in various European countries, he is now focused on working with international ingredients and street-food inspiration to bring the modern flavours and culture of Spanish cuisine to Berlin.

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