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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2015 is the year of the Goat

It is an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner.  This is a feast of Meat, Seafood and Vegetables to promote health and prosperity for the future with special meanings for some of the food.  

As a newcomer in Berlin, Mr Chan is proud to be able to cook for Berliners.....his new family!

This will consist of a 12 course Cantonese style menu for CNY which will include the following:

Dong gua tong (Winter melon soup)
A watery soup normally drank over the CNY, this soup also has cooling properties as melon is know to combat ´heatiness` so it is great for ones health.

Dim sum (Assorted steamed and fried delicacies)
With the literal translation of ´touch the heart`, Dim Sum is a traditional Cantonese style of small bite sized individual portions and eating Dim Sum at a restaurant is usually known in Cantonese as going to ´drink tea` (Yum Cha) as tea is normally served with Dim Sum in the restaurants.  

Zhu Yuk, Doong Goo tung Am Ceon Daan Wun TunDim Sum (Pork, chinese mushrooms and quail egg steamed wontons)
resembles ´wealth` because these dumplings are shaped like ancient Chinese gold/silver ingots.

Char Siu Gai Chun Guen Dim Sum (Roast pork and chicken spring rolls)
also resembles wealth for they look like gold bars.  Some believe that the original spring roll was a gift from Buddha himself, so that his followers could be as happy and lucky as he. It is lucky to serve spring rolls at the dawning of the CNY.

Gu Lo Yuk (Sizzling Sweet & Sour Spare ribs)
If you need an excuse to eat spare ribs, let it be for celebrating CNY!

Tsing Yu (Steamed carpfish)
Fish resembles Surplus because in Chinese ´Yu` sounds like Surplus and is served whole including the head and the tail on the table for all to share.   Leaving a little fish on the plate is customary as it symbolises there will be enough for the family in the coming year.

Mong Gor tung Yau Sai Mai Lo (Mango and Pomelo Sago)
Pomelo is thought to bring “continuous prosperity and status.” The tradition comes from the way the Cantonese phrase for pomelo (Yau) sounds similar to the words for prosperity and status.

Guest Chef

Mr Chan



(Mr Chan)

Mr Chan grew up in a Hong Kong style Cantonese kitchen called the Chop Suey House.  He is not only knowledgeable in Cantonese cooking but being of Hakka (Nomads of China) descent, is heavily inspired by his Grandmother´s method of Hakka cooking known to many as Chinese Soul Food!

After many years in the family business, Mr Chan decided to discover different foods and go travelling, to places like Australia to cook and eat mangoes whilst harvesting, sampling the street food in Vietnam,  burning his lips in Thailand, slurping seafood with Maoris in New Zealand, getting inspired by local chefs as well as fellow travellers wherever he went.

Arriving in Berlin, Mr Chan has fired up his inner passion by cooking Cantonese  style cuisine in the attempt to satisfy the hunger of Berliners with hearty food. 

per Person

Menu 46.00

Drinks 23.00


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