Saturday 1Mar 19:30


Brazilian Carnival Menu

Original brazilian carnival-menu from different regions of brazil served with lots of colors, cocktails and music, by Caique from Brazil

Original brasilianisches Karnival-Menü aus unterschiedlichen brasilianischen Regionen mit viel Farben, cocktails und music by Caique aus Brasilien


-Coxinha de Galinha with Fresh Tomatoes Hot Sauce
-Caldinho de Feijoada, Couve Ginger and Orange Reduction
-Spicy Mango Salad accompanied by Red Beet Pesto
-Lake white Fish on Coriander Apple Pesto with Inhame Purée and Banana Chips
-Black Rice, Pear, Feta, Pomegranate, Para Nuts Salad
-Roasted Sweet Potato, Crunchy Prosciutto with Cashew Nuts Paste
-Dark Chocolate Spicy Beef Stew with Red Onion Farofa
-Tapioca pearls with Red Berries and Pistacchio Limoncello Hot sauce




Guest Chef



Caique Tizzi

I cook what I love to eat, and eating for me is the most direct interaction with earth. My cooking style is a multi-national cuisine, exploring crossovers between ingredients with a Brazilian touch, my home-land.  I combine colors, textures and shapes to bring to the table surprising variations. 

I like to provide to my guests a visual and tasteful set of options, where one can combine different dishes at the same time and discover new flavors.

per Person

Menu 46.00

Drinks 19.00


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