Saturday 26Aug 19:30


A Mexican love story

Tobias and Caroline, founders of Thyme Supperclub and Muse, met in Mexico more than twelve years ago, married in 2009 and opened Muse in 2013.


Food - cooking and eating - has always been an important part of their lives together, and now they would like to share their beginnings, by taking you to Mexico where it all began.


Tonight's menu will be a celebration of all things Mexican, from streetfood to haute cuisine. We are looking forward to sharing our passion for Mexico with you!


Thyme Supperclub


Caroline & Tobias

Thyme Supperclub are the owners of the Muse project.

Caroline indulges her passion for cooking and serves multi-course meals of whatever she's intrigued about at the time. Menus are usually seasonally inspired, mainly European, although there will often be some exotic flavours lurking in there somewhere.

Tobias has seized the opportunity to expand his already-large knowledge of wine and delights in selecting the best drinks to accompany the food.

per Person

Menu 38.00

Drinks 24.00


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